Morei Geral

The king of Geral and the last of his bloodline. Morei is proud, cunning, and raised with the sole purpose of protecting his people. But he has faced hardships and been soul bonded to a demon, which has left him at the mercy of powerful forces that chip away at his judgement. It was this horrific night alone that birthed the growing compulsions—the lust for violence, the taste for blood, and the ruthless behavior he becomes renown for.

Above all this, Morei is an Energy Harvester. Born with the gift to manipulate the surrounding energies, he was ordered to remain quiet about his abilities due to cultural beliefs. But times have changed, and power knows no boundaries. He is now capable of harvesting one of the volatile elements of Dark Energy, fire, making him only one of a few in Vorelian history to master such a force.

Deep down, the king is kindhearted and a helpless romantic. He’s constantly torn between what is expected of him and what he wants. Defined by his purpose, Morei will always protect the helpless, but this can often be misconstrued due to his violent tendencies.

Physical Attributes: Ice blue eyes, black hair, and built like a warrior, given his countless summers of training. He carries himself like a king, stride and all. But with his curse, he is noted to have spidery veins that stretch across his skin, described to be the color of midnight.

            Syra Castello

Destined to belong to the dead, Syra has known nothing but how to run. In a matter of days, her entire life shattered and she was forced to flee the only home she ever knew, the city of Caster. But she did not do it empty-handed, but with the most powerful weapon in history, the Demon Killer. In her running, she has befriended some and made enemies out of countless.

Syra does not like being alone, which could account for one of her weaknesses. It is this quality that has led her into some devastating circumstances, but it is also this very trait that has saved her. A warrior at heart, she is destined to make a profound impact on the world. Some even believe she is the key the Vorelian’s future.

But she does not desire such a responsibility, even if she does not have a choice. Syra is compassionate and often known for her tendencies to see the best in others, regardless of warnings. The travels may have hardened her exterior, but she is still soft-hearted and determined to believe that there is goodness in everyone, even in the face of danger.

Physical Attributes: Hair as red as fire with the brightest green eyes anyone has ever seen. She is fit, given her summers working on the port of Caster.

                Cyrus (Current Family Unknown)

Raised in an orphanage, Cyrus has known nothing but the mines. Acclaimed by the queen for his pristine work, he was the ideal worker for the city of Diemon. But upon the discovery of a hallow gold stone, his life is uprooted when that stone hatches to reveal a dragon. Now the first Dragon Rider in nearly eight centuries, Cyrus is the weapon every ruler wants. This forces him to abandon the life he’s known to protect his dragon, Sozar.

The Dragon Rider is an explorer at heart, but it is often noted that his curiosity can get him in trouble. Although it is safe to say that his curiosity has both hindered and saved him on a handful of occasions. Despite his eagerness to run, Cyrus is the key to the new rising empire—it will be him and him alone that will sway the rising forces.

Even with all the growing responsibilities, Cyrus is likely one of the most selfless individuals. He is driven often by the goal of causing the least amount of troubles—a trait he picked up being raised with nothing but troublemakers. His bond with his dragon, Sozar, is unbreakable—their relationship is the sole driver of any decision Cyrus has or will make.

Physical Attributes: Bright short blond hair with silver eyes (the characteristic of a Dragon Rider). He has spent summers in the mines and shows for it, with his strong stature and broad shoulders.