The Vore Gods have been around as long as the Vorelians, or so the story says. Where and how these Gods came about, it is unknown. The origins of the Vore Gods have been lost to time, but rumors about their origins continue to circle—this includes the belief that Gods were once mortals who mastered Dark Energy and became enslaved to Chaos. Old tales arise every now and then that include the idea that there were once more Gods, but whether that is true and where they are now is a mystery.

While prayer is commonly practiced for all Gods, there are certain practices tied to each God, which will be discussed below.

Hyle- The God of Courage.
Likely the wisest of the Gods, Hyle is known for his diplomacy and gentle nature. Stories have told of silver hair and eyes, which given the history of Dragon Riders and their silver eye trait, makes belief that Hyle was once a Dragon Rider himself. Although these are only stories. The origin of Gods remain unknown.

Ritual to Contact: Using Hyle’s Beads—silver beads with a small wooden sun that can be worn around the neck or wrist or hung on a door. Vorelians use Hyle’s Beads as their contact to the God.

Helyna- The Goddess of Love
Don’t be fooled by her title. Stories say that while the Goddess can bestow love, she cannot receive it—making her incredibly bitter. Helyna can tamper with the mind and destiny, giving her the strength to change someone’s life in the element of love. She is known to have horns, blond hair, and gold eyes—or so the stories say.

Ritual to Contact: A glass of wine with prayer—often the phrase “Love is endless” and “Helyna bless you” are used concurrently with the ritual.

Greve- The God of Strength
In Zimbórism, the religion found in Diyrặ, Greve is seen as the primary God, although there is acknowledgment of the rest. Greve can grant both physical and mental strength and is considered the warrior of the Gods. He is kind, but firm, and is told to have dark hair and gold eyes, sharing that trait with Helyna.
Ritual to Contact: Wooden posts with handwritten letters nailed to them. When the wooden post is completed or a Vorelian acknowledges a letter, it is expected to cross one’s heart in respect.

Eazon- The God of Luck
The mischievous and playful God, Eazon is known to mess with the Vorelians. He has the incredible ability to bring luck wherever he goes, although that also means he has the ability to take it away. Eazon is known to be charming with dusty blond hair and dark eyes in depictions across the world.

Ritual to Contact: Krye is placed in a bundle on a blanket with candles. Considering the God is known for bestowing luck, this is considered the ultimate test for Vorelians—to steal is bad luck.

Sekar- The God of Darkness/Dark Lord/God of Chance
There was once a time when Sekar was known as the God of Chance, and his name was held as highly as Greve’s. This was a time that has long past, although some cultures still acknowledge Sekar for fear that the God will wreak havoc if they do not. Other cultures, like Sorréle, refuse to acknowledge the God at all. While the stories now say the Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil, ancient tales tell of a God who could manipulate destiny and change people’s lives—this is a power that rival’s all the Gods put together, making him incredibly dangerous if it is true. The question of how and why he was banished by his brethren remains a mystery, but that does not stop the Vorelians from telling tales of rejection, violence, and power.

Ritual to Contact:
As the God of Chance, this was once embodied by leaving food out with gold/copper/silver tins filled with goodies. However, as the God of Darkness, the most prohibited summoning ritual is the blood sacrifice, which includes slaughtering an animal and following with a forbidden prayer.