The youngest country of the world. This country was founded after the Great War led to a massive disagreement among the royal families. This drove the separation of Geral, Diemon, Ferguson, and Caster from Diyr over seven hundred summers ago.

Geral- The leaders in metal work. People come from all over the country for the work that is produced by Geral’s blacksmiths. The city has become a primary hotspot for all sorts of metal work, leading the economy and exports with their craft. Established six hundred and sixty-nine summers ago after The Revolution, Geral was the first territory settled—nestled against Hazar Desert, the Uncharted Lands, and Boldur Valley.

Ferguson- Nicknamed “The Silk Family,” Ferguson has become a staple in the Sorréle economy as the leaders in producing the finest fabrics. They are experimental and extravagant. The crime rate here is exceptionally low and the city is often withdrawn from most political discussions. They are a quiet group, but this means they are extremely secretive. The territory was established six hundred and sixty-four summers ago.

Diemon- Known for the craftmanship with jewelry and for the most valued gems in the country, Diemon has created a name for themselves for their mining and precision. The city is nestled right up against the eastern edge of the mysterious Releuthian Mountains for easy access to tunnels and mining. Established six hundred and fifty-nine summers ago as the third city after the founding of Sorréle.

Caster- A brute city founded along the coast of the Merrél Sea, Caster has made a name for themselves for their craftmanship and creativity with wine, along with being the stomping grounds for all imports and exports. They are masters of the port—no ship enters or leaves the country without Caster’s knowledge. With a higher crime rate, the city can be known for its tough natured citizens. Established six hundred and fifty-eight summers ago as the final territory of the Royal Families.

Gamer’s Village- Founded five hundred and fifty-nine summers ago, Gamer’s Village is an independent small village that holds no pledge to any of the four Royal Families in Sorréle. This village is placed at the narrowest part of the Sorréleian River, marked by a bridge that has stood for centuries. Citizens who live here have often abandoned their homes within the main cities, but many are just traveling through. This village provides a place for many travelers to rest, recoup, and buy supplies. It is also the only spot that provides a crossing from one side of the river to the next.


Founded with the rise of the Vore Empire. This country is situated east of Sorréle and is known for its bloody history with the Lirallian Empire. The royal families of this country include Junok, Assane, and Raveer.

Junok- The largest territory in the country of Diyr. This is a fierce and cunning family that created a namesake with their ability to harvest energy. The city was founded after Sir Beritisian fell in love with an Energy Harvester, Junok, who was shunned from the Vore Settlement due to her gift. This ultimately led to the shattering of the Vore Settlement, leading to the founding of Raveer, Assane, and Junok. The city is known for its production in wine, mead, medicine, and accepting culture of the gifted. Junok also has one of the largest ports in the country, working heavily with neighboring countries for imports and exports in and out of Diyr.

          Whale Village- A small well-known village in the territory of Junok. It is stationed between the Nighthunter Federation and the primary city of Junok. The village is quaint, filled with many retired members who used to sail the sea for Junok.

Raveer- Known as the oldest territory in Diyr, Raveer was built off the original Vore settlement that was founded from the fall of the Vore Empire. This city is extremely traditional, following many of the oppressive cultural traits that were a part of the original empire. The city is often at the mercy of the extravagant and bizarre tastes of the greedy king. But do not doubt the city’s forces. As victim of the Diyrllian Massacre, this city has come back stronger than ever before, creating the highest number of soldiers to citizen ratio in the country. With this impressive military, Raveer has built a name off of its fierce warriors, metalwork, and riches.

          Jasper Village- A small well-known village located within the Raveer territory. This is also where Crown Port is located, dealing with all imports and exports on the east side of Diyr.

Assane- An eccentric city withdrawn from the normalcy of the country, Assane is known for having one of the largest families in the country. Odd traditions drive the culture of this city. The territory is networked by a number of smaller cities, which all connect by road. Assane has made their name by a number of things, which include trading livestock, jewelry, and fabrics. The territory was the second founded after the Vore Settlement crumbled approximately nine hundred and forty-five summers ago.

Volkeri Island- An island of secrets and curses. It is rumored that the metals used in the Guardian of Death’s weapons originates from here, but there is no way to prove such claims. The Volkeri Island is separated by the northern end of Diyr by jagged cliffs and fatal drops. The waters that surround the Volkeri Island are deemed The Shade, as rumor has it, the sun never shines there due to some twisted evil. The island remains unconquerable for it is said that everyone who travels here never returns.

The Nighthunter Federation- A territory located within Junok and settled after the fall of the Lirallian Empire. This city does not have any royal blood, and prefers to stay under the Junok crest. A city founded off of being a sanctuary for refugees all over the world, the Nighthunter Federation is known to a select few as the city of assassins. This federation is known as a hotspot for illegal trades and as an underground market for hiring Nighthunter assassins out to the highest bidder. Anyone can be a target, even royalty, making it an extremely profitable business. The only rumor is that Junok is an exception to these bids, but this is unvalidated.


One of the oldest countries in the world. This country was founded over two thousand summers ago and is known for its ancient architecture and proud Vore culture. The royal families of this country include Razan and Kalic.

West and East Razan- The largest Vorelian territory on record. Razan ranks as nearly as old as Kalic, give or take a handful of summers at around twenty-one hundred summers. The Razan family was one of the original founders of Eiyrl, but was not always known as the proud and strong family as they are now known as. Razan struggled for power in the early stages of the country’s founding, creating scuffles with the old family, Hevir. West Razan was the smallest territory and growing smaller with each passing summer as Hevir (now known as East Razan) choked out crops and politically began to suffocate Razan. With the erection of the Vore Empire in Diyr came a massive political shift in Eiyrl, which would become the catalyst to Razan’s uprising. Razan focuses on fabrics, medicines, gems, and jewelry by being the only city that will venture near Craygon’s Crator to mine the exotic and extremely rare gems.

          Kera’s Port- the only port in and out of Eiyrl. This port is massive and is used by both Razan and Kalic—an agreement made countless centuries ago. It is named after the first Dragon Rider, Kera, who is also said to be the one who led the Vorelians to the country over two thousand summers ago.

Kalic- As one of the original founding territories of Eiyrl, Kalic is nearly as old as the country’s founding, which would be approximately twenty-one hundred summers, although that number is unvalidated due to the lack of documentation during the Era of Transformation. The city is known for its tough and proud culture, which has caused issues in the past with the neighboring territory, Razan. Kalic has made a name for itself through the production of metals and weapons, as well as armory.


Rider Federation- With the rise of the Dragon Riders, order was required in an attempt to control. The Rider Federation was formed almost seventeen hundred summers ago after an agreement between four Dragon Riders was made. This included the very first Dragon Rider, Kera, who is believed to be the reason Eiyrl stands today. The Rider Federation was founded off promising principles but after a handful of centuries, the Federation began to grow greedy of their bloodline and wanted to ensure the purity of the Dragon Rider was passed on to upcoming generations. This forced the hand of the council of Dragon Riders, which enacted a law prohibiting Dragon Riders from marrying with anyone outside of the Federation—simply deemed Outsiders. This would inevitably become the downfall to the Rider Federation, which would shatter the order of the Dragon Riders and cause the fall of the Vore Empire. With no real understanding with what happened to the remaining Dragon Riders, it is believed that the last Rider went down with The Great War eight hundred summers ago and that his dragon went mad with rage. The Rider Federation now lays in ruins, although it remains on the maps of Vorelians as a marker in history of the great fall of the Dragon Riders.

Creitón: Coming Soon


As old as Eiyrl, although the argument remains with which country actually came first over two thousand summers ago. Creitón, to the rest of the Vorelians, is simply deemed “pirate country,” although the true history of this country is as rich and deep as the Vorelians themselves.