The primary religion of the Vorelians. This ancient practice has stood the test of time, even after the great fall of the Vore Empire over a thousand summers ago. This practice sees all Gods as equal—although based on culture, Sekar is not acknowledged. Drügale practice is extremely common among the world with Eiyrặl being the original home of Drügalism.

This practice considers Greve to be the primary God, but still acknowledges the other Gods. This religion is primarily seen in Diyrặ, although there are a small number of Zimbór followers throughout the world.

This practice does not consider the Gods in their traditions. Rather, followers of Móermism place their value and respect in the energies of the world and are considered extremely spiritual. This old practice is seen rarely, but is scattered throughout the world, and followers are deemed Móers.

An ancient and reclusive monotheistic religion that believes the God of Chance, Sekar, is the primary and only God. Followers of this religion are called Crystóns and are secluded from most of the world. The City of Liral is the only publicized location that celebrates and follows Crystónity.