About the Author

 I have been writing since I could remember. Perhaps that is cliché, but it is the truth. And yes, that also means I have every notebook I have ever written in stored away in my closet—most have unbelievably been dated and well cared for. Over the years, I had my ups and downs with finding my voice, but one thing always remained true—my passion for storytelling grew stronger.   My first ‘real’ story was written on 2-27-10 but I had been writing for several years prior, although nothing I would consider coherent. It was about a girl named Kristine who is struck with lightning when out with her dog on a walk. Although what happens afterwards is unnatural and she is left with special abilities that inevitably thrust her in a world of chaos and strange happenings. Maybe I’ll revisit that story again—wouldn’t that be fun? Obviously writing goes together with the fact that I am an obsessive reader who hoards books endlessly. It has come to my conclusion that perhaps there will never be enough space for me and my books, but alas, I have come to accept that. So, if you ever need me, I am often under a blanket in my preferred spot on the couch with my laptop, a book, a coffee, and my dogs. Bless them—they have been the furry support group everyone needs. Farewell, Vorelians.      

About The Vorelian Saga

 Does the character or story come first? It’s a controversial question among the writing community and frankly, neither answer is wrong. It depends on the writer. For me though? The character always comes first. I usually have a single idea that starts—like a trait about this character or a question that drives every action. But no matter, that single character is the heart of the story. This is what happened for The Vorelian Saga. The question was simple: Does destiny control you or can you control your own destiny? This single question blossomed in my head one night after a six-month hiatus from writing (the longest stretch I’ve ever had). And accompanied with this, I saw a son born into royalty and raised a king. His family raised him well and he was given all the right tools to be a proud and respected ruler, but what if destiny had other plans? What if this man, Morei Geral, was destined to be tormented by something sinister and his fate tied into a prophecy so twisted that it would alter the future? And thus, The Blood of the Lion was born. Albeit it wasn’t that simple. A story like this didn’t come over night, but the characters did. When Morei was created, I knew I needed a character to balance him—someone who was destined to be a part of this cruel fate but to accept this meant turning on the one person she has always known. Herself. Syra came second. She was created under the vision that sometimes love can be cruel. Forced out of her comfort zone, Syra becomes the embodiment of embracing change, as well as coping with loss and anger. She is undoubtedly the opposite of Morei and that was important to me. Morei acts out in rage as he spirals further into a cursed darkness, while Syra reaches out and continues to try and do good, even though she is hurt. Two powerful forces of coping with extremely different outcomes. I knew for a very long time—far before The Vorelian Saga was born—that I wanted to write about a Dragon Rider, but I didn’t want the all-powerful character who is given extraordinary gifts the moment he finds out he is something special. I wanted a man who must face the music of his future, even if he loathes the tune. I wanted a man who lacks the gifts, but why, he doesn’t know. Simply put, I didn’t want it to be easy. So often, we see a character come into a special situation and they become extraordinary—powers, strength, you name it—and the worst problems they face are a couple of hiccups along the way in their external environment. I wanted a character who must really face the man he is and in doing so, learn the real him. This would take true self-discovery and that is how Cyrus was born. All three characters are undeniably linked, even if they are on opposite ends of the world. This continues to embody the theme of destiny, which is extremely important in this saga. The actions of these characters impact the other, even if they are not near—a cause and effect situation that ties into the very fabrics of reality. Gods, Energy Harvesters, kings, queens, strange beasts, an underworld, dragons—you name it, I’ve probably got it, and the world keeps getting bigger. Happy Reading, Vorelians.